Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sentences in a life in the day (of Martha Kearney, 46, political editor of Newsnight)

For low moments, I keep a bottle of Chanel No 19 on my desk, bottled water and a bag of tangerines.

I've interviewed Tony Blair a few times. He's always extremely well informed. You're never going to know more than he does.

I like the overlap of politics, human interest and daft things like walking on high heels using the Alexander technique.

Before the war in Afghanistan, I went to Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Gaza. You come back feeling like walking wounded. I sometimes think. "What was so important that I didn't go to so-and-so's wedding?" You never feel you get it right. But I'm used to never having enough time.

(Από το περιοδικό των Sunday Times, 4 Απριλίου, 2004.)


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