Friday, October 08, 2004

Senora Margarita

Senora Margarita is short and plump, with tanned skin and a mole on her forehead. She wears a long and colourful skirt, a purple cardigan, a dark beret and a bowler hat over the beret with lots of small pins on it. She pulls a small trolley with a bag on it.

Senora Margarita is half-German, half-Maltese. She has children and grandchildren. She lives six months in Madrid and six months in Frankfurt. She has spent ten days in Greece in 19... 82.

Senora Margarita owns 5 square meters in Parque del Retiro in Madrid (near the Puerta de Alcala exit). She has a proper license to tell the future - she´s an astrologer. The police do not bother her. She also works as a translator and she writes - sometimes she even publishes.

Senora Margarita has studied sociology and literature in London for 13 years - she knows things. She doesn´t like her job though, she doesn´t do it for the money - she studies for herself. People in Madrid don´t like to spend money anyway. However, she makes 2000 euros a month in the summer, 1000 in the winter.

Senora Margarita thinks that the Spanish are warm and lively on the outside but hollow on the inside. She thinks that the German are actually better in bonding with somebody and are more likely to invite you in their house for a meal. That´s why Madrid is full of restaurants after all. So that the Spanish can take people out for meals instead of inviting them over.

Senora Margarita thinks that a little exercise is necessary but too much exercise is actually harmful.

Senora Margarita is happy. She is healthy, pretty and therefore happy. She is also with Vodafone.

Senora Margarita has only one question. If somebody (he or she) whom she´s known for 15 years answers her calls for ten days and then ignores her for the following ten days, what does this mean? I told her that they are uncertain about what they think or feel. But she says that that doesn´t help her.


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