Monday, October 04, 2004

A brief post in English

(as this machine will not support Greek...)

My posts have been short and sparse recently and the reason is that I finally managed to submit IT. As of last Tuesday no more stress, no more burning the midnight oil (not for those reasons anyway), no more of a one-track mind... Or so I hope at least for the next month or so before countdown for the Holy Inquisition starts. For now it's time to go on holiday... I still don't believe that there is actually no pressure to get back to my desk and code or proofread... or study.

After a few days spent at home relaxing and generally avoiding anything with a keyboard, I packed my bags for the misty suburbs of London. Having spent Saturday driving back and forth to Cardiff as a favour to my hostess (carrying boxes and stuff in a rented van on a seven hour round trip on the M4 can be fun contrary to popular belief), right now, I'm sitting in a computer cluster somewhere in northwest London... Various Greeks around me are trying to book a ticket to Greece - which seems a bit amusing (apart from haughty) at the moment.

In any case, the trip is only just starting...


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